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Langdon Morris (author of 15 books around Strategy and Innovation) teamed up with QzerO for 3 days of inspiration in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam. 60 professionals across the 3 cities joined for the fabulous workshops. At lightning speed Langdon provided an overview of the 6 main disruptive factors, paired with deep insight of methods and clear cut examples around Agile Innovation strategy. Participants got a copy of one of his books as well as a personal workbook to build and advance their own 2020 and beyond.

Ernst Hoestra, co host and CEO of QzerO said, “we have a great turnout and almost fully booked in just a matter of days”

What was heard from the participants: “Fantastic session, tons of inspiration, great networking and surely a follow up to do on our Agile Innovation Strategy”

Check out the video or get in touch with us via [email protected] if you’d like to find out more.